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Buying apartment online in Thailand

E-commerce has already established itself as an integral part of modem shopping; however, many potential buyers still feel suspicious when it comes to large scale, pricey items. Here are the 5 main myths about purchasing an apartment online.

Myth 1. An aparment bought over the internet is a pig in a poke

To avoid any unpleasant surprise, choose your agency carefully. Check their website first — it should be professional and informative, contain the photos and prices of properties. Remember: reliable agencies support free hot line with real time service.

Myth 2. Financial transactions connected with an expensive online purchase are too risky

Depending on the property (a new building project or a secondary residential property) you may be asked to pay by stated installments. You have to sum up everything — your contract currency, rate fluctuations, bank commissions.

Myth 3. Paperwork procedures require personal attendance

In case of an online purchase all the necessary documents are sent via courier mail (normally at the buyer's expense). It is a quick and safe procedure; and the signed and mailed documents have all the legal effects.

Myth 4. Paperwork is done exclusively in english

By default all the contracts are in English; however you can require the translation into any language — it should be then legalized in the corresponding consulate. Be ready to supply a copy of your passport, contact information, and make a deposit or the first installment.

Myth 5. It is to manage your property from overseas

Before making your decision of buying a certain property, discuss with your agent who will manage it. If you consider your purchase an investment, choose the developer who offers a rental guarantee scheme.

If you are prudent enough, buying your apartment online will not put you in an objectionable situation, but will save your time and expenses you could otherwise have born in case of travel to inspect your will-be property.

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