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We sell income-not just apartments

New Nordic Development has been in Pattaya Real Estate market for 14 years already. The whole town of nearly 50 New Nordic Buildings grew up in these years in Prqatamnak. Although there is no aggressive marketing, the company enjoys great trust of the customers which other developers could envy.

What is New Nordic?

New Nordic Development has been in the market for 14 years already. Kurt Svendheim, the company's CEO, is a citizen of Norway. Every day he comes to office and visits every project under construction.

I believe this is the reason of the company's success: there is a zealous owner who personally controls everything from construction to sales. He defines the price policy and approves each unit's design.

So here lies the secret of your projects quality, does it not?

Well, partly. Actually we offer quite a specific product, too. We sell income, not just apartments. The half of the buyers do not even come to see what they purchase.

Do they trust your company so blindly?

«Blindly» is not the correct term. All our buyers can be divided in two groups: those who buy to live and those who buy to invest and get the guaranteed income. All the clients sign exactly the same agreeriient and are entitled to use their property as they wish. Any ovmer can pass the right to manage their units to our company. In this case we will rent them out to our clients.

The owner should not then worry whether we rent their unit out the whole year through or just five months. We give 10% money back guarantee during 5 to 20 year period (depending on the type of the property) of the purchasing price of any apartment you let us manage.

Where do clients get to know about your projects from?

We are not very much active in marketing or even in the Internet. There is no need. We always bear in mind great financial responsibility we have towards out clients. We consider it is more important to pay the money back to the owners than to spend it on billboards.

We really feel the shortage of units. It often happens that we have very limited offer when potential clients come. Everything is sold out. We are quite popular and in high demand.

Looks like you should build more, then.

We are developing quite fast but in no means at the expense of quality. We intentionally limit the quantity of the projects as we cannot afford concessions of quality. That is why all our projects are located close to each other in Pratamnak. It allows us to control, manage, attend all the needs of our town efficiently.

See the project New Nordic Atrium Condominium