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Still hanging in there

As I sit here typing this column the end of the world is due tomorrow, according to the Mayan calendar, that is. Obviously it didn't turn out that way or none of you would be able to read this and I won't have wasted precious last minutes of life writing it.

That said, if the South American race did get it right all those years ago well, who the hell cares, anyway? We will all have turned up our toes and I will have written this for an audience of one. No chance to re-write it to reflect new intel, of course.

But let's take it as read that most of us are still hanging in there ready for another year with all the highs and lows that it will bring. Unusually for me - given I'm a glass is half empty type - I'm looking forward to it. Maybe it's a case of hope triumphing over experience, but I'm expecting good things In 2013.
So now it's time to kick on. You've all heard the saying that "if you stand still, you are moving backwards" and there is much truth in it.

The property market seems buoyant if the number of new developments provides an accurate barometer. Many leading developers are pushing on with new projects. So the immediate future looks bright.

Naturally there will be those of you reading this wondering when the property "bubble" is going to burst. It can't expand ad infinitum, you'll say, and it would be daft to argue against you. If I were able to predict when there will be a downturn I might be able to leverage that knowledge to my financial gain.
The fact is that I can't tell you when the market will go into the doldrums again.

But it will continue to happen pretty much as sure as night follows day (provided the Mayans got it wrong). The good news, in my book, at least, is that I don't think it is going to happen for a while yet. And, when it does - many years down the line, I hope - I sincerly feel that the Asian region is well placed to weather the storm.

In 2015 the countries of South East Asia are due to unite in the local answer to the European Economic Community. The EEC is just about as disunited as any group could wish to get, which begs the question: Why do Asian nations seek to follow suit? Over the next few issues Bart Walters will attempt to answer that question.
In the meantime does anyone have a copy of the Mayan calendar for 2013? It should fetch a fortune at auction. Happy and prosperous New Year to you all.