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Renting your first con in Pattaya

If you are about to rent your first condo in Pattaya then you will need to do some legwork to make the venture a success. The first step is to choose the location. Look on the internet for prime locations and look at forums where you can get suggestions about the best places to stay. You may be looking for a beachside apartment, in which case there is plenty of choice both in the central areas, but also in the north at Naklua and to the south at Jomtien. If city centre living is im¬portant to you then you can hone in on the central zones with relative ease between Pattaya south road and Pattaya north road and between the beach road and Pattaya 3rd road. This marks the relative grid of the central area and although the southern half used to be considered the city centre the northern quadrant is just as desirable a place to live from the point of view of living centrally owing to new retail developments in the area. If you need to locate near a hospital or school then these areas will be easy to identify.

Next on the list is to test out your chosen location. Look for temporary accommodation in the form of a hotel or serviced apartment as close to the location you are seeking to move into. The duration should be for a month or even two months so that you can be sure you have chosen the right place. Even better, if you have already got a condo unit in your sights, is to negotiate a trial period in that actual unit so you can test the abode you may end up renting.

For the test period, you will be looking to see if it is convenient for you to travel to the various places you need to go. You will also need to ensure the area is not too noisy, e.g. there is no big construction project ongoing in the vicinity of your dwelling. Although traffic noise can't be avoided altogether, you may wish to locate away from main thoroughfares and instead to look at smaller sois that may be equally well located.

The trial period will be key so yo,u can have a first hand experience of living in the place you have interest in. There is no point in committing to a long term rental contract from a remote place only to find it is not all you thought it would be after moving in.

Fortunately there is plenty of choice in Pattaya, and you should be spoilt in terms of the wide range of places available to rent. You can use your temporary base to visit agents and also visit prospective condos, knowing that, conveniently, they will only be a stone's throw away.

Next is to consider your budget. For most condos the deposit will be two months of rent and this will be held throughout the term, to be returned to you when you vacate the premises, subject to any damage to the property. You will also need to pay one month rent in advance. Therefore the total outlay at the outset will be three months of rent. Other expenses will soon become evident such as additions to your new abode that you may wish to  add like small.