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Merry Christmas to you all in Thailand

In a little more than a week or so we will be celebrating Christmas. Or will we? Try as we folk from north of the Tropic of Cancer might, I think we struggle to capture the festive spirit in 30°+ heat. I hope this issue helps bring back some good memories of Christmases past.

For Christmas to really work it needs to be cold outside. At least, that's my opinion. It doesn't have to have snow, though it helps, but it does need to be closer to freezing than boiling. My best Christmas days have been spent indoors with the central heating on full blast, keeping the rest of the world at bay. I never really liked getting in the car to travel on Christmas Day though the roads in the UK were almost deserted, making travelling much quicker and simpler.

It's extremely difficult to recapture those feelings here in Thailand. Travel around on Christmas Day here in Pattaya and the traffic on the roads is as bad as any other. A few years back I went to the cinema here on the 25th of December, something I would never dreamed of doing back in the UK. Staying indoors watching 'It's a Wonderful Life"is far preferable.

Last year friends invited me to share Christmas lunch with them. The food was excellent festive fayre comprising turkey and all the trimmings. Couldn't fault it. It was Christmas lunch as it should be served right down to the stuffing and Brussels sprouts. Pity about the weather - sunny and warm - sadly!
It's probably a sign of growing older but I miss traditional Christmases - really miss them. Rather than moan about it I think a solution might be to book a UK trip for this time next year. I hope the weather won't be too warm!

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Good Christmas and happy New Year to you all.

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