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Buying a home in Pattaya

Thailand is a tourist dream destination; for many expats it remains a country of choice to live away from home.

No matter how pleasant the joys of Pattaya are, you cannot avoid or hide away from those moments of homesickness, especially if your family and friends are thousands of miles away from you. Suffering and missing them is not at all a wise choice; so take the initiative in their hands, and mom and dad buy a house or apartment in Thailand.

Choosing area

Pattaya is an ideal place where your parents dreams of their own house may come true. Too many are choosing to buy a house Russian village in Thailand, where possible installment payments of up to 5 years.

Reorient your mom's agronomical experiments from vegs beds to elegant orchids; and your dad, a zealous man, will surely find a place for a steamhouse, or a way to improve the water pump design. If your parents choose a house in Eastern Pattaya, make sure they have a means of transportation.

City dwellers looking for peace and comfort, will appreciate respectable Pratamnak,well where to buy an apartment for themselves, or do real estate investment  and get high profit. Neat apartments, decent neighbors, a gym for dad and a swimming pool for mom — these new developments are very well organized: Fresh air and a green park for a pleasant stroll help to make the right choice.

If your parents fear they would not find a single soul to chat with, look for a place closer to the popular tourist areas. Jomtien vdll suit perfectly: move a bit inland away from the sea, and you get a necessary balance between the resort bustle and residential area comfort. Everything is at hand here, including food markets, affordable restaurants, a nice beach, and public transport.

Lastly, if it is expected to address some health issues in an Asian resort, consider northern areas of Pattaya. Firstly, the best hospitals in the city are located there, and secondly, if necessary, you have very quick access to Pattaya-Bangkok highway. Do not forget to buy your parents the medical insurance with full coverage.

Visa issues

In Thailand, foreign citizens over 5O years of age can apply for a retirement visa (Non-0). Three months prior to submitting the application one has to transfer from abroad to the own account in a Thai bank the amount equivalent of 800,000 Baht. This amount is considered the guarantee of the person's ability to pay for the stay in the country and can be withdrawn after obtaining a visa. A three-months visa is then granted. It costs 2000 Baht and subjects to yearly extension.

The last bastion

The area selected, the apartment chosen, visa issues clarified, now it is the time to deal with the parents' pet. Since it is certainly better to live in their own homes, not all condominiums are allowed to keep pets. Their four-legged friend should not be left behind, should it? The most popular pets, dogs and cats, now cross borders without any problems.

Preparation for the move will take some time and includes import permit acquisition from Thai authorities; vaccination of the animal; pet's passport issue (if not done before); and obtaining an international veterinary certificate. After that all you have to do is to pay a 100-baht fee for importing an animal and let your dear Buddy or Lady share the sabai of local ones.